Transcripts for current students attending THS (updated process due to Covid-19)


Current students may request their transcript in person (official transcript)  or via e-mail (unofficial transcript):


1) Request for your transcript in person:  We are open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  Please bring your ID and wear a mask to enter the building.  It is $2.00 (cash) per copy of the transcript (official or unofficial); or


2) Request it through e-mail.  We can email your transcript to you or let us know where you want it sent.  Please email your request using your etusd email account and email: and/or It will be $2.00 per copy of the transcript whether official or unofficial. We will keep a record of all your transcript/report card/test result requests.  You will need to repay your debt (cash only please) at the end of the semester/year.  this will be part of your senior clearance before graduation.

Transcripts for graduated or former students grad years 2004- present are $5.00 each, cash or money order only. In most cases, for grad years 2004-present, we can have your transcripts ready same day. 


Transcripts for graduated or former students grad years 2003-prior are $20.00 for the first copy, then just $5.00 for each additional copy, cash or money order only. Please allow 2-3 business days for grad years 2003 and prior for processing from our third party records company. (Possible delay due to COVID office closures)


1) In-person: Please bring a photo ID, your request form, and payment. Also, please note, masks are REQUIRED in order to enter our offices. 


2) By Mail: Kindly fill out the form, make a photocopy of your ID, and send: 

  • Completed transcript request form (please do not forget to sign on the signature line), 

  • Self-addressed, self stamped envelope where you would like the records mailed; or indicate on the form the email address where you would like the transcript sent and your email address so we can cc you

  • Photocopy of your ID, 

  • Payment for the records you are requesting (*Cash or Money Order Only)

Send to: Torrance High School

2200 W. Carson St.

Torrance, CA 90501

Attention: Counseling Office 


3) A representative: You may send a representative to pick up your transcript with the following:  the completed form filling-up on the lower part of the form the name of the person you are authorizing (do not forget to sign on the signature line)  the photocopy of the student's ID  the original photo ID of your representative  and *payment for the records you are requesting (*Cash or Money Order Only)



Sincerely, Elizabeth Feltham / Ludivina Samson

Counseling Office-Senior Office Assistants

Torrance High School's Counseling Department