Scheduling for Incoming Freshmen

Updated 6/12/20


Scheduling for the fall term has now closed until we return from summer break. Counselors will be available to assist during fall registration. 

Updated 5/15/20

Counselors are currently assisting our open enrollment and approved permit students with scheduling at this time.

Updated 4/24/20

The scheduling window for the Class of 2024 has now closed. If you wish to make a change to your initial course requests for Fall 2020, please have your parent/guardian email your counselor stating the course changes that are being requested, any necessary forms (Honors/AP Commitment Form), and their approval of the change. 

For incoming students from outside of our feeder middle schools - Permit applications can be submitted to or Counselors will be available to assist with scheduling sometime in May. Please continue to monitor our website for more information.

Taking a summer course? Please note that if you are taking a year-long class that is a prerequisite for a course you are taking in the Fall, both semesters of the course must be completed before the school year begins. All summer courses must be pre-approved by your counselor. Please email your Summmer Course Pre-approval Form to your counselor. For a list of summer programs, please visit our grade level overview page or click here.  

Updated 4/20/20


We wanted to provide some updates and more information as we have been receiving a number of emails regarding our athletics program and summer school. 


More information regarding our athletic programs at Torrance High School will be available in the coming weeks. For students that are interested in participating in sports, please continue to monitor your emails or the athletics page on the Torrance High School website for more information regarding try-outs, clearance information, and eligibility. 


For most athletic programs, students are required to try-out and submit medical clearance forms before being placed on the team with the exception of football, cross country, and now wrestling. Students interested in all other sports should select PE 9 when they submit their course requests for next year on PowerSchool. Once students have been cleared, counselors will receive final rosters from our coaches and we will adjust schedules accordingly.


For students interested in taking health over the summer, please take a look at the summer programs list on this page. Once you have decided where you would like to take the course, please complete the Summer Pre-Approval form and email the form to your assigned alpha counselor at Torrance High School. If you have any specific questions about their summer program or enrollment process, please contact the institution/school directly. Also, please be sure to bring a copy of your summer report card or grades to your counselor during fall registration.


For now, we are asking all students to select the elective course that is paired with Health during the school year, which is either World Geography or Intro to Media to ensure we receive your other course requests by April 24th. If you would like to take AP Human Geography, please keep in mind that this is a year-long course and students who wish to take this class will need to take a semester of health over the summer. Once we receive the Summer Pre-Approval form, counselors will be reaching out to those students to discuss their schedule for next year. 


We hope all of you are safe and healthy during this time. We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming all of you to our campus in the Fall!

Updated: 4/15/20

Welcome to Torrance High School!


Prior to our school closure due to COVID-19, we had planned to start scheduling at the middle schools for Fall 2020 with our incoming freshman class this week. To ensure that we have enough time to consider your course requests for next year, we will be transitioning to an online scheduling format.


We understand that this process is new to you so we are going to provide detailed instructions to help you navigate the online course request scheduling feature on PowerSchool. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow each step as instructed to enter and submit your course requests for next year.


You will have until Friday, April 24th to input your course requests for freshman year. Students will no longer be able to change any course requests as of April 25th. Please note that the courses you select are "requests" and that counselors will be making any changes, as needed, to ensure that students will stay on track to meet their graduation requirements as well as meeting any necessary course prerequisites.


Counselors will be choosing courses for students who are unable to enter any course requests by April 24th.


Please locate the following documents attached to this email. We have included a number of documents that will help guide you with your course selections for next year. This information can also be found on our counseling website at under "Important Documents" in the right hand column of the page.


  • Incoming Freshmen Overview - Provides an overview of the counseling department, counseling services, graduation and college “A-G” requirements, course sequences, CTE pathways, and important resources.

  • PowerSchool Fall 2020 Course Requests - Instructions on how to submit your course requests online through PowerSchool.

  • 9th Grade Course Selection Sheet - Lists all courses open to freshmen. We will still need this completed and signed by your parents/guardian when we return to school.

  • Special Programs - Information about various programs offered at THS.

  • Incoming Freshmen FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Course Description Book - For course descriptions on all classes offered at Torrance High School.

  • AP/Honors Commitment Form - Only required for students requesting an AP or Honors course. Students will need to submit a PDF or picture of an AP/Honors form signed by a parent/guardian to their counselor. Email your counselor if you encounter any difficulties.

  • Summer School Course Pre-Approval Form - If you are planning on taking a summer course to get ahead, please complete this form and submit to your alpha counselor. Please wait for your counselor’s approval before enrolling.

  • List of Summer School Programs for 2020 - Please note that we are unable to approve Method Schools this year.

For incoming students from outside of our feeder middle schools - Permit applications can be submitted to or Counselors will be available to assist with scheduling sometime in May. Please continue to monitor our website for more information.

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