Counseling Team

Alpha Counselors

Last Names "A-E"

Christina Yun


Last Names "F-Lon"

Adriana Ibanez


Last Names "Loo-Re"

Eva Ziss-Patton


Sub for Aisha Takesue

Last Names "Ri - Z"

Rob Young


Jenna Mendoza

College and Career Counseling Coordinator

College and Career Center, A106
Counseling Office, Main Admin Bldg

Elizabeth Feltham

Sr. Office Assistant, Records

Shelly Gurwell

Sr. Office Assistant, Registrar

Sunshine Bonny Taing Ward

Sr. Office Assistant - Data Technician

Student Wellness Center, A101

Brianna Angéle

Mental Health Therapist

Joanna Frank

Mental Health Therapist

Torrance High School's Counseling Department