Transitioning Back

To Campus

Just over a year ago, we were told schools were closing for "two weeks." It has been a hard year for most, and we wanted to offer some supports with this transition back to campus. We recognize this is another rather sudden change and that change is hard and can take time to adapt to.

First, a short message from Miss Bri, the associate school therapist.

As Miss Bri said, coming back to campus won't necessarily "fix" things that have been hard this last year. Whether you're struggling academically, socially, or emotionally, this change will have its pros and cons. It is okay if you are feeling a mix of emotions right now, from nervous and overwhelmed to curious and excited. Whatever you are feeling and thinking, you are not alone.

Miss Bri's Drop In Hours have expanded!

Lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

In room A101 or virtually over zoom

The Spot @ Lunch

Lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Near the Senior Quad - table and students in Maroon & Grey

Students from ASB, Beyond Stigma, and other clubs are volunteering to be available to welcome 9th graders, new students, and anyone else who feels a little out of place at lunch. Come eat, chat, and get to know other students.

Feeling Anxious?

Check out Wellness Wednesdays, the first 15 minutes of lunch, to join other students in learning and practicing healthy coping strategies to de-stress. You can also check out this handout, with great tools you can use in class or at home.

Torrance High School's Counseling Department